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Technical Parameters

While establishing the WASHINGTON Concept House, we made sure that each detail complied with the highest level of the building for gourmets. After all, a unique space for living is formed precisely from carefully designed details.

Doors protected from break-in

  • Produced from a solid fashioned metal plate, which gives enhanced strength to the construction
  • Stiffness of the leaf is provided by the load-bearing framework from two vertical fashioned sections, 3 horizontal fashioned sections and 5 horizontal flat ground slab
  • Equipped with the lock of three-dimension locking MUL-T-LOCK B DIN528 CR
  • Lock cylinder is protected with the telescoped protector preventing breaking of the lock
  • Internal space of the door is filled with the mineral wool from balsa-wood leaf , which performs a function of acoustic and heat isolation, as well as provides the door with the fire resisting property for 60 minutes

Access control system

  • Entrance to the building is provided by means of the access cards, which are giving only to the residents and maintenance stuff
  • Elevators are also activated by means of the access cards – each resident of the building may get himself only to his floor or to the floor, the access to which is provided by the resident of that floor
  • This system allows to provide a high level of security and privacy as well as complicates penetration to the building by unauthorized people

Cameras control system

  • Entrance to the building is provided by means of the access cards, which are giving only to the residents and maintenance stuff
  • CCTV-cameras are equipped with the video motion detectors and display an image to the security’s monitor
  • All CCTV-cameras are connected to the active alert centre with the face and vehicle number detection function
  • Records from the CCTV-cameras are kept in the history within one month

IP- entry phone system

  • A call board providing connection with a concierge or directly with each apartment is installed at the entrance to the building
  • A call from the board comes to your smartphone, after which you may remotely open the entry door to the building
  • There is also a possibility to install video call boards directly in your apartment

“Anti-flooding” system

  • Flooding sensors activating on an emergency basis are installed in the premises
  • The sensors are connected with the pumps alarm and send a signal directly to a duty plumbing specialist
  • The building is under the round-the-clock monitoring

Building automation system

  • All parameters of the work of the heat supply station and water supply pumps are displayed in the user account of the chief energy worker of the building
  • Temperature sensors are installed in the building, which allows to monitor efficiently and adjust the temperature
  • This system will allow to prevent unreasonable resources consumption and to provide the maximum level of the energy efficiency
  • Readings of the all meters are transferred remotely to the supplying dominant companies, as well as duplicated to the information system of the managing company issuing invoices to the residents
  • In case of necessity you may order reconciliation of the readings in order assure yourself of data accuracy

Automatic light control

  • All lighting facilities in public spaces are equipped with the movement sensors
  • At rest the lighting operates at 10% power allowing to significantly reduce the energy costs

KERMI radiators

  • The radiators of the German production with a 10-year warranty
  • Heat a premise 25% faster than other models
  • Allow to save 11% on energy
  • Have the highest heating power indexes due to the innovative Therm X2 technology
  • Environmentally friendly paint-and-lacquer coating does not emit harmful substances when heated

Central air-conditioning system

  • Absence of noisy equipment under your windows
  • Possibility of the year-round use - both in cooling and in heating mode
  • Remote access and energy control system
  • High reliability due to built-in automatic protection and diagnostics systems
  • Maximum degree of air cleaning: plasma filter, anti-allergen and antiviral filter of double cleaning, as well as air ionizing

WITTUR elevators

  • Reliable high-tech elevators from a German manufacturer
  • Traction mechanisms are used to minimize a noise level during the operation of the elevator
  • The newest permanent magnet technology for low energy consumption is used in the engine of the cab door of elevator
  • The stylish minimalist design of the elevator cab complements perfectly the interior of the low-rise block

Structured cable nets

  • Each apartment is supplied with the UTP cable to provide an access to Internet, IP television and telephony
  • Herewith, high-speed Wi-Fi is available in the lobby

Charging station for electric vehicles

  • Parking lot of the building is equipped with specially designated areas for parking and charging of e-vehicles
  • 22 kW charging stations are designed for the residents of the building
  • Booking and payment are effected through the mobile application of the charging station operator